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  • Function: Explore what kind of troposphere estimates are available at different locations around the world.
  • How to use: Choose an option from the "Explore sites/sources" drop-down menu above, then modify to meet your needs.
    Pre-set selections
    are explained below.
  • Estimate sources available (see also source table here):

    • VLBI: International VLBI Service (IVS) Combined Solution (source VLBIR2_IVS): info; data
    • GNSS from these sources:

      • At IGS (global) network locations:
        • GNSSR1_IGS (aka R1_IGS): IGS network station "Repro1" values: info; data
        • GNSSR2_CF2: Center for Orbit Determination in Europe (CODE) "Repro2" values for IGS network stations. Computed using 24-hour data batches. info; data
        • GNSSR2_CO2: Same as GNSSR2_CF2 but computed using 72-hour data batches
        • GNSSR2_GFZ: GeoForschungsZentrum (GFZ) "Repro2" values for IGS network stations: info; data

      • At European Permanent GNSS Network (EPN) locations:

        • Links for these data sets: EPN Repro1/2 solution info; Repro1 and Repro2 data
        • GNSSR1_EUR (aka R1_EUR): EPN station "Repro1" values
        • GNSSR2_EUR (aka R2_EUR): EPN station "Repro2" values
        • R2_AS0: EUREF AC ASI "Repro2" solution for all EPN stations
        • R2_GO4: EUREF AC GOP "Repro2" solution for all EPN stations (6-h gradients)
        • R2_GO6: EUREF AC GOP "Repro2" solution for all EPN stations (24-h gradients)
        • R2_MU2: EUREF AC MUT "Repro2" solution for selected EPN stations
        • R2_IG0: EUREF AC IGN "Repro2" solution for selected EPN stations
        • R2_LP1: EUREF AC LPN "Repro2" solution for selected EPN stations
    • Radiosonde: troposphere values computed using NOAA Integrated Global Radiosonde Archive (IGRA) data (source RAO_IGRA)
    • Numerical Weather Modeling: troposphere values computed using the ERA-Interim model at IGS (NWM_ERA_IGS) and EPN (NWM_ERA_EUR) locations
  • Try these pre-set selections from the "Explore sites/sources" dropdown menu (user-refinable):

    • IGS GNSS: IGS network locations for which GNSS-based values are available. Default sources: GNSSR1_IGS, GNSSR2_CO2, GNSSR2_CF2, GNSSR2_GFZ.
    • EUREF GNSS: EPN locations for which GNSS-based values are available. Defaults: GNSSR1_EUR, GNSSR2_EUR.
    • Numerical Weather Models: IGS and EPN locations for which NWM-based values are available. Defaults: NWM_ERA_EUR, NWM_ERA_IGS.
    • Radiosondes: Locations for which radiosonde-based values are available (default source RAO_IGRA).
  • To find locations for any data type (GNSS/VLBI/NWM/Radiosonde):
    • Choose ALL in the "Explore sites/sources" drop-down menu.
    • Click the "Filter stations" button (in vertical toolbar to right of the map).
    • Check all boxes under "By source" and "By group."
    • Refresh the map by clicking the toolbar's "Map" button.
    • Uncheck sources/groups you do not want.
    • Refresh the map again by clicking the "Map" button.
  • For more information, contact: Dr. Jan Dousa; Dr. Sharyl Byram